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Areas of Practice



This is the process that determines which rights each party has over disputed property, or what rights a party has to act under a given statutory or contractual regime. The parties present their dispute both in papers and at trial, where a judge or jury hears the case and makes a decision. We have taken multiple matters to verdict.

Representative Matters Include:

  • Langley v. Duranleau, Delaware Chancery

  • Penn Emblem Co. v. Grant Thornton LLP, Phila. Ct. Common Pleas


Appeals are filed if either party has a good reason for questioning the court’s decision at trial. The appeals process involves allegations of ‘legal’ error, which means that it involves saying that the court made a mistake. After all parties brief the matter, the Court may hold oral arguments and typically issues a ruling within six months.

Representative Matters Include:

  • In re Scioli, Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit

  • United Westlabs v. Greenwich Ins. Co., Delaware Supreme Court

Bankruptcy & Workouts

This is the process by which debts are discharged and creditors are paid. The process begins with the filing of a petition and ends when the case is closed, and — sometimes — the debtor is discharged. We have represented both creditors and debtors in this complex process.

Representative Clients Include:

  • In re DEF Medical Technologies, LLC, Bankr. D. Del.

  • In re Governors Club LLC, Bankr. D. Del.

Bankruptcy Litigation

This is litigation arising in the context of bankruptcy. It tends to be faster-paced, but shares much of its tactical DNA with the federal litigation that it is based upon.

Representative Matters Include:

  • Genesis Biosciences International, Inc. v. Patterson, Bankr. D. Del.

  • Stanziale, Trustee v. Richards Layton & Finger, Bankr. D. Del.


This involves the drafting of agreements concerning the use and sale of software and other intellectually derived assets. We have advised numerous founders on entrance and exit, and on how to structure deals in their favor.

Representative Clients Include:

  • Web2Py founder, Massimo Di Pierro

  • Paraleap Technologies

Corporate Governance

The startup and small business marketplace is still a fierce new frontier for most entreprenuers that requires legal advice from attorneys who are deeply entrenched its particulars. Our holistic approach is essential to any company looking to grow.

Representative Clients Include:


  • Sharkskin Bankruptcy Software